Oversight Manuals

Below you can find a list of overview manuals as useful introductions to legislative oversight.

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Oversight Manuals

Congressional Oversight Manual (2022) by Congressional Research Service, No. RL30240

Guide to Oversight Procedural Rules in the U.S. House of Representatives (pdf) (Co-Equal, 2019)

Necessary and Proper: Best Practices for Congressional Investigations (pdf) (Project on Government Oversight, June 7, 2017)

When Congress Comes Calling: A Study on the Principles, Practices, and Pragmatics of Legislative Inquiry (pdf), Morton Rosenberg (The Constitution Project, 2017)

The Art of Congressional Oversight:  A User’s Guide to Doing It Right by the Project on Government Oversight (Second Edition, 2015)

Examples of White House cooperation with congressional oversight (Co-Equal Resources: Guide to Congressional Oversight Precedent)