The Center

The Carl Levin Center for Oversight and Democracy was established in 2015 to carry on the legislative oversight legacy and vision of Senator Carl Levin, Michigan’s longest serving Senator. 

About the Carl Levin Center for Oversight and Democracy

The Levin Center for Oversight and Democracy was established to carry on the legislative oversight legacy and public vision of U.S. Senator Carl Levin, who represented Michigan in the U.S. Senate for 36 years, longer than any other Michigan senator. The Levin Center is headquartered at Wayne State University Law School in Detroit with an office in Washington, D.C.  

Advancing Oversight. Strengthening Democracy.

The Levin Center works to build capacity in legislative bodies at all levels — federal, state, and abroad — to expose public and private sector abuses, ensure effective governance, and bring critical facts to light for the benefit of all. The Levin Center has developed a reputation as a leader in this area by helping to train congressional staff from both parties on how to conduct bipartisan, fact-based oversight; organizing workshops on legislative oversight for states and foreign countries; conducting and supporting research on important issues; and educating future leaders about the value and practice of legislative oversight. The Center is working to inspire and train a new generation in the techniques of bipartisan, fact-based oversight to ensure public and private institutions operate with integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Restoring America's Fact-Based Public Square

A principal goal of the Levin Center is to reestablish and strengthen America’s public square to promote civil discourse, good governance, and a shared appreciation for and understanding of relevant facts. Through its research, convenings, and educational programs, the Levin Center enables the public to see whether and how their elected leaders are collaborating to build consensus on vital problems and solutions.


The Levin Center Advisory Board has adopted the following mission statement to guide the work of the Levin Center:

To strengthen the integrity, transparency, and accountability of public and private institutions through the promotion and support of bipartisan, fact-based legislative oversight; to advance good governance, particularly with respect to the legislative process; and to promote civil discourse on current issues of public policy.